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USA: Emily Sandall Foundation Pledges 10 Global Emily Grants for Spring 2012 – IIECL

The International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL) is pleased to announce that a pledge from the Emily Sandall Memorial Foundation (ESMF) has been received to fund 10 Emily grants for the spring of 2012. IIECL recently announced the 10 Emily grantees for the fall/winter 2011 round of competition.

According to Becky Sandall, Co-President of ESMF, “we do this to honor Emily at this special time of the year and to thank you [IIECL] for your care and compassion in honoring her, her work and her spirit.”

Diane Mull, IIECL’s Executive Director added that, “With this pledge, IIECL is off to a rousing start for 2012. This should provide encouragement to individuals, teachers/schools and organizations around the world that there will be continued support to aid in their efforts to end child labor in their communities.”

While grants are small (US $500), the Emily grants function as seed money to support innovative ideas to rescue children from child labor, including slavery or trafficking, and to promote the children’s participation in education. Grants are open to youth, teachers, schools or non-governmental organizations working with children and/or youth to promote the end of child labor.

Mull adds, “You would be amazed what these individuals and organizations can accomplish with a small amount of funds. US dollars go a long way in very rural, poor countries. These individuals and small community-based organizations have a commitment [vested interest] to help the children in their community.”

In some cases, the Emily grants have been used to match or support other foundation or donor funding. The grants can be used to fill a gap or support a cost not covered by other funding, such as building the roof for a school, paying for the production of child labor education materials for use in schools, or funding a micro-loan and enterprise program for mothers of  children rescued from child labor.

Since the program began in 2004, the ESMF and IIECL have awarded 48 grants to individuals and organizations in all regions of the world.

“Emily Sandall received the first two grants from IIECL. After Emily’s death, we changed the name of the grant program to honor Emily and her tireless energy and efforts to help children around the world,” Mull explains.

The grants are having an impact. To view the current list of 10 grantees, visit IIECL’s website or the Emily Sandall Memorial Foundation website.

“Donations, collaborations and equipment support in the form of donated working laptop or notebook computers are welcome,” Mull adds.

The children targeted by IIECL are some of the poorest of the poor, with little or no resources.

Mull states, “In some cases, they don’t even have a school or teachers.  The community members are trying to educate children about computers by showing them a self-made drawing on a piece of cardboard. It’s so rewarding to see the gratitude in the eyes of these children and families served by Emily grants. Children rescued from domestic slavery are given an opportunity to be a child and get an education.”

The spring 2012 round of Emily grants will be announced later in January 2012 with the closing date for grant submissions on March 31, 2012. Information on how to 1) apply for an Emily grant, 2) provide a donation to support an Emily grant or IIECL, or 3) discuss forming a collaboration with donors or foundations to support future grant awards, visit IIECL’s website, become friends with IIECL on Facebook or follow IIECL on Twitter.

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