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In an effort to bring focus to a particular type of child labor that needs attention, IIECL will launch campaigns. Some of the campaigns that IIECL has initiated include the “Children in the Fields” campaign that began in 1998 at the same time that IIECL was conceived. Another campaign that is working to bring about awareness is designed to coincide with the International Labor Organization (ILO) “World Day Against Child Labor.” IIECL promotes awareness raising about child labor in sectors, such as domestic workers or street children, and provides incentives to individuals and organizations around the world to help facilitate grassroots activities to raise awareness and generate momentum to bring about actions that lead to the end of child labor. We encourage you to learn more about IIECL’s past, current and future campaigns. We need your help and your ideas. Join our efforts and support our campaigns to end child labor at home and abroad.

Currently, IIECL’s campaigns focus are on:

  • “Children in the Fields” campaign, with a particular focus on ending hazardous child labor in agriculture internationally;
  • “Education Works” campaign to promote education programming that is child-centered for children and youth, particularly those who have dropped out of school; and
  • “Be an Advocate” campaign on the “World Day Against Child Labor”.

Learn more about our campaigns and join us and our partners in working toward the goal of ending child labor worldwide.

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