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Make a contribution to help IIECL end the worst forms of child labor. Education Works!

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IIECL is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization register within the United States. Ninety (90) percent of all of IIECL funding is used for direct costs to provide services that meet its defined objectives. We need you to donate, your contributions can be directed for any of the following key activities:

Help IIECL provide financial and technical support for small NGOs in third world countries who are trying to serve the needs of children caught in abusive child labor. Your contribution can help provide direct assistance to children, assist with helping to build the community-based NGOs capacity for service delivery, and/or provide technical support to enable the NGO to more effectively deliver services to children. These services can include, but is not limited to: rescue and repatriation of children who have been caught in abusive child labor, implementing child labor prevention strategies, providing basic education and other training assistance, social messaging and community mobilization to eliminate child labor and building the capacity of community-based NGOs to deliver these services effectively.

Help IIECL conduct research and studies on child labor in areas where further information and program assistance is needed. This can include: conducting desk and other on-site studies that identify child labor needs that are currently unmet, designing child labor intervention strategies, evaluating programs to determine best practices and lessons learned, and identifying and mobilizing community-based NGOs that can assist with service delivery.

Help IIECL work with businesses and industries to modernize their labor standard protections and ensure that their production practices are socially accountable. This could include providing examining the involvement of children in their production activities, evaluating their current monitoring system, designing or enhancing their monitoring mechanisms, and providing training for their monitors and managers on socially accountable production practices and effective monitoring techniques.

Help IIECL grow as an organization and enable itself to better carry out all of its objectives. This includes assisting the organization to improve its capacity to respond to information requests by students, teachers and other organizations needing assistance and background information. This enables IIECL to respond to individuals writing reports, stories, articles and other news programs that raise awareness about child labor in the United States and abroad. For example, IIECL is working to produce a web-movie on child labor that can be featured on our website and available in multiple languages. IIECL receives dozens of requests from students–at the junior high, high school and college levels–seeking background information and answers to questions for their papers or reports. We would like to be able to assist these students and continue to provide updated information IIECL’s online child labor database, NGO database, and through IIECL’s monthly publication of the Child Labor News Alerts.

Help IIECL to work with organizations and their staff to use good practices and proven effective approaches when  planning and implementing programs to prevent or withdraw children from exploitative child labor. IIECL is working with numerous international and national NGOs and community based organizations to provide them with training and technical support to implement the PAVE methodology, use action research that includes a participatory process, develop vocational literacy curricula that is functional and relevant, and design innovative program strategies to address the complex needs of children and youth engaged in the worst forms of child labor.

Whatever your choice, we need your help and, as importantly, you actions to make a difference in the lives of children in the United States and abroad who are caught into the web of exploitation and abuse.

What you do today can help save a life and protect the future of a child! You can make a contribution to us by clicking on the “Network for Good” logo below.

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If you would like to contribute directly:

Please make check/money order payable to:  IIECL
Mail contribution to the following address:

1016 S. Wayne Street, Suite 702, Arlington, VA 22204

If you prefer another form of payment, to make a large contribution or establish an endowment to IIECL, please contact:

*Please specify how you would like your contribution to be used. If no specification is provided, we will commit at least 85% of the contribution toward direct services impacting children. No more than 15% will be used for administrative and indirect costs unless otherwise specified.
**IIECL speakers are available to schools, churches and other educational events for the cost of travel expenses only, although contributions are welcome.

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eBay Giving Works

Another way of contributing to IIECL includes the eBay Giving Works program. Through eBay Giving Works several businesses sell items and donate 10% of their sale price to IIECL. To support IIECL and be able to have a really classy looking pair of shoes, visit downtowngals on eBay. You’ll not only be wearing top name brand shoes in the latest style, but get a great price and help IIECL as well. You can purchase these shoes knowing that this business is socially responsible; they offer authentic, well known and respected shoe brands and do not sell counterfeit brands that have likely been produced with the labor of children.

Another way to support IIECL through eBay Giving Works is to sell an item on eBay or hold an auction and donate a portion or all of the proceeds to IIECL. If you have items that you would like to donate to IIECL, please contact us.

In advance, on behalf of the board of directors and staff, we thank you for you consideration and contribution. We look forward to the opportunity to serve children on your behalf. We wish to thank all those sellers on eBay who have supported us over the years. Thousands have been raised by these sellers and donated to help us end the worst forms of child labor around the world.

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