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USA: Emily Sandall Foundation Pledges 10 Emily Grants for Fall 2012 – IIECL

In honor of World Day Against Child Labor, and in efforts to support awareness and working toward the end of child labor, the Emily Sandall Foundation has committed to awarding 10 Emily grants in the fall of 2012.

According to foundation director, Becky Sandall, “Due to the overwhelming response and quality of applicants [during the spring 2012 round of competition], I am thrilled…that the Emily Sandall Foundation has decided to award 10 grants again in the fall of 2012 to continue our wonderful momentum to end the world of child labor.”

The Emily Sandall Foundation works in partnership with the International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL) to award the grants twice annually, in the spring and fall of each year. During the spring 2012 round of competition, IIECL matched the 10 grants awarded by the Emily Sandall Foundation, bringing the spring 2012 grant awards to a total of 20. “There was such an overwhelming response of quality applications that it was difficult to only pick 10 to award. As a result, the over 350 applicants were narrowed down to 50 and from these finalists, 20 were selected,” says Diane Mull, IIECL’s Executive Director.

Applicants selected for this round of grants include those that proposed direct services to children, such as rescuing children from hazardous child labor and entering them into education, and conducting valuable research to understand the nature of child labor and extent of the problem in unstudied areas. Each round of Emily grants has a different focus in order to keep pace with the changing nature of best practice solutions and needs worldwide. Grants are awarded in all regions of the world. While grant awards are small, the mini-grants are designed to function as seed money to launch activities in communities where child labor-prevention services have previously not existed or fill a gap unmet by existing resources.

The grants are called “Emily grants” to honor Emily Sandall, the first recipient of an IIECL Youth Mini-grant back in 2004. Emily died in November 2006 following a tragic accident. Emily Sandall’s family formed the foundation in her honor to carry on her legacy of volunteerism and commitment to ending child labor.

“Emily would be so pleased and I am so pleased and thankful for our partnership with IIECL,” says Sandall.

Since it’s inception, IIECL and the Emily Sandall Foundation have funded over 65 grants worldwide.

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