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Global: Emily Grant Awards Announced for Spring 2012 – IIECL

The International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL) and the Emily Sandall Foundation are pleased to announce this year’s recipients for Emily grants. A total of 20 awards will be made, ten higher than originally planned. The selection process was extremely difficult and involved a longer than expected process due to the huge response of over 350 applicants. The Emily grantees selected include organizations and individuals from all regions of the world, including Asia/Near East, Africa, Europe/Eurasia, Middle East and South America.

The 20 finalists for grants include both research and direct service delivery projects. The central thread is that all have a focus or intent to end child labor. Following is an alphabetical list of the Emily grants to be awarded and “Emily Impressions” regarding how she would have felt about the benefits and potential impact of such projects:



  • Physical and Psychosocial Development Organization (PHYDO): Support for the “Learn without Fear” project to stop bullying and abuse in four rural Kenyan schools.
    Emily impression: Emily felt passionately in her work that children should be safe and protected. This would be a very important project to her.


  • Care and Empowerment of the Vulnerable in Africa (CAEVA): Needs assessment and awareness raising among child sugarcane workers in the Jinja District.
    Emily impression: Emily would feel this to be a very important project to protect children in agricultural work.
  • James Kityo:  Research and documentation, by film and booklet, showing evidence of child labor in northern Uganda’s Pader, Palisa and Kabarole Districts.
    Emily impression: Emily would feel it very important to bring attention to this important topic through film and photos. She would then have worked for change to end the child labor.
  • Hope for Orphans and Rural Development (HORD): Baseline study of child labor in the Kamuli District.
    Emily impression: Emily’s heart would really go out to orphans and how vulnerable and at risk they would be in life to become child laborers.
  • Pro-Biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU): Researching pesticide poisoning and ill effects on child laborers in agricultural work in 20 districts in Uganda, including but not limited to Rakai,  Wakiso, Bushenyi, Kabarole, Mukono, Kanungu, Jinja, Mukono, Masindi, Rwengo, Masaka, Mubende, Mbale, Rukungiri, Kiboga, Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Pallisa and Arua.
    Emily impression: Emily would feel that this was a very important project to protect the children in this situation.


  • Defensa de Nińas y Nińos Internacional: Research on the state of child labor in Zimbabwe and its effective on children’s health and the economy in three districts.
    Emily impression: Emily would be very passionate about this project and would want to prevent children from suffering health problems as a result of child labor.

Asia/Near East:


  • South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities (SISHA): Documentary on four-year old (now 12) sold into slave labor in a slaughterhouse and her subsequent rehabilitation.
    Emily impression: Emily believed how poignant film and media could be in getting across a message. She would feel strongly that this young girl’s harrowing story should be told and work for change to remedy this type of situation.
  • Salariin Kampuchea: To sponsor English classes for 225 disadvantaged children working in agriculture through “Volunteer Teaching Clubs” in the villages of Boeung, Krosaing, Veal, Tacheik and Buskrolan.
    Emily impression: Emily would be very impressed by the creativity and drive behind this project-to reach the kids in the remote villages. It sounds just like her. She traveled great distances to bring education to street children around the world.


  • Juvenile Education and Research Center (Liu Jia): Assistance to single mothers to learn job skills to support education for their children currently working as garbage scavengers in the Uygur slum in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China.
    Emily impression: Emily worked so hard in her own life to develop curricula and teach disadvantaged kids. She would really love this project


  • Association for Rural Development (ARD): Research to determine economic contributions of working children laboring in the informal sector in the Madurai District.
    Emily impression: Emily would feel very passionate about this study to see why children are forced into child labor. She would then work hard on ways/education to prevent it.
  • Backward Community Literacy Development (BCLD) Society: Assist 60 rural poor former child laborers or those at risk of child labor, 28 Girls and 32 boys six to fourteen, to attend school in  Chinthakommadinne Mandal of YSR District, Andhra Pradesh State, India.
    Emily impression: Emily would believe so strongly in this project that allows these children to achieve their right to education.
  • Madura Trust: Survey to identify the number of children working in the fireworks industry in the Siv Akasi area.
    Emily impression: Emily would be very keen on safety for children and would find much value in this project.
  • People’s Organization for Liberation and Education (POLE): Rescue 30 children from hazardous labor in the brick kiln sector and enroll them into education in the Salem District.
    Emily impression: Emily would love this project that changes these children’s lives and allows them to be free and to learn their right to the education and freedom that they deserve.
  • Social Action for Association and Development (SAAD): Research on social exclusion (particularly rights to education and other related rights for better and dignified labor-free living) of socially excluded groups, i.e., Aradhey (beggers), Kolatin and Tamasha dancers, and landless and Devdasi women and girls in the rural and urgan areas of Marathwada, in the Parbhani District.
    Emily impression: Emily believed so fervently in helping the disadvantaged and “giving them a voice.” This project would mean so much to her.
  • Society for Community Development Project (SCDP): Continue support for art (puppetry) and other actions (bicycle rally) to raise awareness in the five targeted villages of Chinnagoundapuram, Ramalingapuram, Udayapatty, Sastri Nagar and Athikaripatty village of Ayothiyapatinam block of Salem District to end child labor.
    Emily impression: Emily loved teaching through art and creative means to get a message across. She would also love that we were continuing with a project that had already begun.

Middle East:


  • AIRANA (Sweden): Project to raise awareness and promote education among the Lakol street children in Kabul.
    Emily impression: This project would be very dear to Emily’s heart as she had worked educating street children in Mexico and Nepal, and was developing a curriculum in Mexico.


  • Pakistan Pediatric Association (Child Rights and Abuse Committee, Dr. Tufail Muhammad): Research on the practice of keeping boys for sexual services in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan.
    Emily impression: Emily would feel that this was a very important and troubling subject to research. She would want to work for change so that each child had a right to freedom, safety and education.

South America:


  • Aristotle Escate (Professor of Physical Education and Lawyer in Education / Trainer of Professional Soccer): Establishing a soccer camp for disadvantaged children to promote school completion and prevent child labor in Paucará, Peru.
    Emily impression: Emily believed passionately in the power of exercise to improve a child’s life and self esteem. She was an avid athlete and ran sports camps for young girls while in high school. She would love this project.

Europe/Eastern Europe:


  • Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare: Project to increase the level of information and raise awareness in Albania society about child labor through the development of a 45-minute documentary on child labor in Albania.
    Emily impression: Emily believed strongly in the power of pictures and media to educate the public about child labor. She would really love both of these projects for that reason. She had received her own mini-grant through IIECL to document the lives of street children through photographs.

UK (Ghana)

  • Steven Keen, Film-maker: Support for the production of the film, “Fisher of Kids” regarding true story of James Kofi Annan, former child slave who escaped from the Ghanaian fishing industry at age 13 who later became a manager at the Barclay’s Bank of Ghana and a leading anti-child slavery activist.
    Emily impression: Emily believed strongly in the power of pictures and media to educate the public about child labor. She would really love both of these projects for that reason. She had received her own mini-grant through IIECL to document the lives of street children through photographs.

We wish to express our thanks to all individuals and groups who are providing support through a one-time contribution or on-going support for the Emily grant program. Through these contributions and support, real on-the-ground actions are occurring that will make the difference in the lives of children and future generation.

Please consider support for these and other child labor prevention projects by making a donation to IIECL today.

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  • congratulation to all ,

    Dear Dain

    What about our application

  • Diane Mull

    Please use IIECL’s official email address for correspondence related to the Emily grant awards. The correct email address is:
    Once we receive your official email, we will send you a press release and letter requesting confidential banking information in order to wire transfer the funds. As a result and in order to maintain your confidential information, we advise you to not use the website blog as a means to communicate regarding grant awards or delicate banking information.

    However, to help expedite your receipt of the award, below is the information that we will request that you submit to IIECL using the above official email address:

    Dear Mr. Babu,

    It is with a great deal of pleasure that the Emily Sandall Memorial Foundation and the International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL) send this notification of your selection to receive an Emily grant. Congratulations on being selected. There was a huge response with over 300 worthwhile applications. As a result, it was a difficult decision. However, your proposed project shows great potential as a model approach toward ending child labor. The announcement of the award has been posted on the IIECL website We encourage you to visit the website to read about all of the twenty (20) grantees selected. A Press Release is also attached that you can use with your local and national media sources at your discretion.

    In order to process your grant award, we require banking information to wire a transfer of funds ($500 US) to your designated bank account. In most cases, this would be the agencies’ bank account under the name of the organization that will administer the funds. Please ensure that the information is correct, as missing information will delay your payment and inaccurate information may result in a reduction of your award to cover the added bank fees. Once IIECL receives complete and accurate information from you, the award should be processed and received by you within two weeks time.

    All grantees must provide the following information to help expedite the processing of your grant award. Please ensure that you provide accurate and complete information.

    1. Name of your organization/school:
    2. Address of your organization/school:
    3. Telephone number of your organization/school:
    4. Contact person for your organization/school:

    If your bank is located outside the United States, please provide the information below:

    1. Name of your bank:
    2. SWIFT/BIC number of your bank:
    3. Bank address:
    4. Name on bank account:
    5. Bank account number:

    Or, if your bank is located in the United States, please provide the information below:

    1. Name of intermediary bank:
    2. ABS Bank routing number:
    3. Bank address:
    4. Name on bank account:
    5. Bank account number:

    Timing of Award: Once we receive your accurate and complete banking information, the wire transfer will be initiated by our accounting department. Timing for the receipt of the funds is often dependent on your bank and the time your bank requires to process the wire transfer and deposit into your account.

    Bank Transaction Fees and Currency Conversion Rates: IIECL is responsible for wire transfer fees from Citibank USA (IIECL’s current bank). However, your agency will be responsible for any fees that your bank charges. IIECL is required to take this action due to the variations in charges being applied by banks in different countries. Also, IIECL is not responsible for variations in currency conversion or exchange rates between the US Dollar and your national currency. As a result, IIECL processes the wire transfer in US Dollars to your bank. Conversion from US Dollars into your local currency is handled by your bank. Questions regarding the conversion or exchange rates being applied by your bank should be addressed to your bank.
    Inaccurate or Incomplete Banking Information: Please note, if you provide IIECL with inaccurate or incorrect information that results in unexpected charges applied by either your bank or IIECL’s bank (Citibank), this amount will be deducted from your grant award. So, please be extremely careful (double check accuracy) when submitting your bank wire transfer information to IIECL.
    Documentation of wire transfer: Once the wire transfer is completed, IIECL will notify you with documentation that the action has occurred. We encourage you, at that time, to notify your bank of the impending wire transfer. Once you receive the wire transfer and the funds are deposited by your bank into your account, we request that you notify us that the transaction is complete.

    Report of activities: The Emily grant funds must be expended within one year of the grant award. Once you/your agency have completed your Emily Grant activities, we request that you immediately submit a summary report of your accomplishments, along with photos (of publishable quality) that document what you have accomplished. The summary report and photos will be added to IIECL’s website which will aid you and/or your agency when seeking future Emily grants or funding from other donor agencies. Failure to submit your report will negate your ability to obtain future Emily grants from IIECL.

    Again, congratulations on your selection as an Emily grantee. We look forward to hearing about the success of your Emily grant project.

    With regards,

    Diane Mull, Executive Director
    International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL)

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