Foundation Grant Awarded to IIECL to Further PAVE Training

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Foundation Grant Awarded to IIECL to Further PAVE Training

IIECL is pleased to announce that the Emily Sandall Foundation has awarded a grant to IIECL to support the provision of PAVE training to community based organization staff in third world countries. The funds will help defray the cost of IIECL staff to provide the training that builds the capacity of individuals to provide child-centered and customized services that are geared to the needs of the child while taking into consideration the conditions and circumstances within which the organization operates. PAVE stands for “Pathways Advancing Viable Education” and training has been provided to CBO’s to use this methodology in numerous countries around the world. Further information about PAVE training can be found under the “IIECL” menu, “Effective IIECL Methodologies” section. To find out more information about the Emily Sandall Foundation, visit

IIECL Board of Directors and staff wish to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the Emily Sandall Foundation for their continued generosity and support. With their financial support and encouragement, the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children and staff of numerous organizations have been positively impacted.

Lynda Diane Mull
IIECL Executive Director

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