Emily Grant Application Process for Fall 2010 Closed

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Emily Grant Application Process for Fall 2010 Closed

We are very pleased with the level of response that we received from applicants for Emily grants for the fall 2010 round. ECL, in collaboration with the Emily Sandall Foundation, will be awarding mini-grants following the application review process. Applications are reviewed by ECL and selection is completed by a committee at the Emily Sandall Memorial Foundation. Successful applicants will be individually notified and the public announcement will be released via ECL’s website by mid-October 2010. Applications received after September 1, 2010 will be held until the next round of applications that will be held in the spring of 2011.

To learn more about the Emily grants or to consider applying in the future, we encourage you to check out the “Emily Sandall Awards” section on the IIECL website. Reports of past awards are found under the “Highlights from Past Awardees Activities” subsection.

Those wishing to help support ECL, the Emily grants and/or the work of individuals and organizations helping to end child labor worldwide, please see the “Donate to IIECL” section of the website or visit the Emily Sandall Memorial Foundation website at www.emilysandall.org.

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