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Task Mapping

The purpose of the task mapping activity is to identify the major tasks and subsequent steps that are undertaken during the work / production process and to identify those tasks that are performed by children and youth.
Task mapping activity has the following objectives to:

  1. identify each of the major tasks performed during the cocoa production process;
  2. identify each of the steps or activities performed in each task;
  3. identify tools or equipment used in performing these tasks; and
  4. identify protective equipment used.
Job Risk/Ergonomics Analysis

The Job Risk/Ergonomics review that the team performed includes a review of data from hospital admission and health clinic diagnoses, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and observation. These activities are written on standardized forms and recorded on videotape and photographed by camera.
The job risk/ergonomics review seeks to identify those tasks that potentially pose a significant risk to children and youth who labor in a job task or production activity by examining the following:

  • how the performance of each task impacts the workers’ physical health and development;
  • the safe work behaviors of workers, as demonstrated by their use of protective gear or clothing;
  • those areas where workers are aware of risks, as demonstrated by their identification of unsafe tasks; and
  • the types of accident and/or injuries that incurred within all identified tasks during cocoa production.

The information gleaned from such a review can aid many programs in designing intervention strategies to help parents and employers understand why such work activities place children and youth at risk. Since many employers performed these tasks as a child or youth, helping them to objectively recognize dangers and potential or accidents and injuries can stimulate employers increased awareness about the benefits of hiring an older workforce who have greater cognitive and motor skills to perform the more difficult and dangerous tasks on the job.

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