As government officials and other interested parties are gearing up for the new round of discussions on Climate Change to be held in Bali (December 3-14, 2007), Plan is supporting children to claim their right to a voice in international policy-making on Climate Change.

To date, children’s voices on climate change have been largely absent from UN Climate Change negotiations. Plan believes children have the right to be heard and to expect the Kyoto Protocol successor to meet their needs — given that children will bear the greatest consequences of climate change.

Four young people from the Philippines, Sweden, UK and Indonesia will be in Bali and will take part in the event by observing the negotiations, challenging ministers and official delegates, participating in side events, and helping design a process whereby thousands of their peers can have their voices heard in future international climate change meetings.

The young delegates will be sharing their views on the impact of climate change in their lives and that of their peers and communities; and share their ideas on how we can educate and inspire others to work together to address the challenges brought about by climate change.

Background information on the Bali conference
The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted at the Rio Earth Summit in 2002. The Convention has the goal of preventing “dangerous” human interference with the climate system. The Kyoto Protocol, an addition to the treaty, introduced binding targets on emissions reductions for all parties to the protocol, and came into force in 2005. The 13th annual Conference of Parties and Meeting of Parties (COP/MOP 13) of UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol will take place on the Indonesian island of Bali from 3-14 December 2007. For more information . . .

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Plan at the Climate Change Conference

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