Plan’s preschool and early childhood care and development (ECCD) programs across China are set to expand dramatically, thanks to funding of more than €6,000,000 (approximately US$ 8.6 million) from corporate partner Nokia.

The funding — which was officially announced at a signing ceremony in the Chinese capital, Beijing — is the largest corporate investment to date in preschool care and education in rural China.

The 'Heart to Heart, Hand to Hand' project will see 1,200 ECCD centers established in six impoverished counties across China, offering care to more than 70,000 children.

Investing in the future
Colin Giles, President of Nokia China, said: "Children are our future, and success lies in investing in the future. The success that Nokia enjoys today comes from the support of Chinese consumers. As a responsible corporate citizen, Nokia is pleased to contribute to the care and education of disadvantaged children in China in collaboration with Plan China."

Plan China Country Director James Murray added: "This is a great day for children in rural China. Currently, hundreds of thousands of rural Chinese children are missing out on opportunities because they have limited access to preschool education and care.

"Education has many benefits for the development of children in later life. This pioneering partnership will ensure a bright future for tens of thousands of children and stand as a shining example to others."

Nokia's partnership with Plan started in 2006, with support for our media and communications technology projects for children and young people in Africa.

Read about Plan's global collaboration with Nokia.

Read more about Plan's work in China.

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Nokia & Plan to help children in China

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